Matt Ellis Talks Housing Policy Fraud on Renegade Economists

Yesterday I had the pleasure of chatting to Karl Fitzgerald from Renegade Economists on 3CR about the policy fraud that Senator Nick Xenophon is currently pushing to “address” housing affordability: superannuation for housing deposits, and my petition against it. In a discussion about the issue, the Senator told me that he wants to introduce a package of measures to improve housing affordability, and that he is open to debate about the policy.

Currently I’m waiting on confirmation that any other proposals will not simply be a way to get this proven policy disaster across the line – in order to prop up a teetering housing market that desperately needs to arrest the record low (and declining) level of First Home Buyers, lest economic fundamentals be left to do their work. Karl and I have also invited/challenged Senator Xenophon to appear on the show and refute our very real concerns – something that he doesn’t have to bother with when facing interviews on pop-culture commercial TV shows like Channel 10’s The Project (see video below). This policy idea does not hold up to real scrutiny.

Please have a listen to the pod-cast, and get behind the cause of preventing:


By Karl Fitzgerald, cross-posted from

Renegade Economists show 362

As broadcast on 3CR, Wednesday 15 October.
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Matt Ellis ( discusses his petition calling out Senator Nick Xenophon for pushing superannuation access as a vehicle for housing affordability. More money on a fixed land mass = higher land prices AKA a seller’s subsidy. Policy fraud must end!

Show Notes

Matt’s Petition
His open letter to Nick Xenophon
The report back on phone call

Here is the South Australian government body HomeStart Finance, offering risky 3% deposits or 97% LVR. Anything above a 90% LVR is frowned upon. Here’s another similarly named group with $2,500 deposits.

For Nick to be taking advice from HomeStart rather than listening to people like Matt and his incredible list of evidence compiled (on the original petition) is frustrating.

Let’s see if the Senator accepts our challenge to appear on the show and counter this discussion with scientific evidence. Will it be any different to what happened in Canada?

David Collyer’s event Englobo – Land Banking Profits During a Housing Supply Crisis .

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